Youth unlawfully searched during traffic stop, then strip searched at police station.


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Youth unlawfully searched during traffic stop, then strip searched at police station.
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A 15 year old youth was driving their mother's car in North-East Edmonton on the 28th of December, 2014. Police initiated a traffic stop that a judge ruled was arbitrary. Their claim after the fact was that they could smell raw marijuana from the car and that there appeared to be a man driving when it was licensed to a woman. The police initiated an arrest of the youth, failed to read them their rights, and asked questions inviting the youth to incriminate themself. After unlawfully collecting evidence from a duffel bag in the car, the police placed the youth under arrest for "drug trafficking" and at this point read them their rights. Police then transported the youth back to the police station where they were strip searched, with the youth being completely exposed briefly, which is against the guidelines. The ruling states that "there was a pattern of Charter breaches that displayed a relentless search for evidence, on a hunch, with a total deliberate or reckless disregard for the Charter rights of the Young Person".
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Belvedere; York
Type of Abuse
Violation of charter rights;
Disregard of dignity;
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Not listed
Authority Involved
Edmonton Police Service
Officer Name
Christopher Yuskow;
Lee Martin
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Court Cases
R. v. T.W.L., 2016 ABPC 10
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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APMD original incident ID: i-Q8cpDgfxsXvW7H
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August 9, 2022
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August 9, 2022
unlawful search;
strip search;
traffic stop;
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Complaint Resolution
In the charges against the young person, the property seized from the young person by the police shall be excluded due to a pattern of Charter breaches.