The YEG Police Violence Archive is part of Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVE)’s Defund the Police campaign. Click here to learn more about the campaign and read our manifesto

The YEG Police Violence Archive (YEG PVA) is an online, accessible database of incidents of police violence and police-perpetrated sexual violence in Edmonton and area. The Archive hopes to support survivors and advocates working to end police violence in our community by demonstrating that incidents of police violence are not ‘one off’ events - they are part of a larger systematic pattern of violence and oppression that are part of the structure of policing. The incidents submitted to the Archive are held in trust by the project as a record of both individual experiences and structural violence that harm our communities. We believe that by documenting the systemic nature of police violence, we can communicate to our communities and leaders the importance and urgency of divesting from policing and investing in social services & community well-being.

As a community-based project, the information in the Archive is accessible to everyone, with the understanding that users will respect the values and intentions of the project. You can read more about our Principles and Practices here.