The Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton logo The YEG Police Violence Archive is a collaborative effort coordinated by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton.

The Archive is made possible thanks to the efforts of these partners:


If you would like to discuss how your group can partner with the Archive, or if you have used the Archive in your abolition work, please let us know! Reach us at


The YEG Police Violence Archive is a collaborative, 100% volunteer-driven project. We'd like to acknowledge the work of the many University of Alberta undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty who have contributed countless hours of work to the design and implementation of the Archive, and the many community members who continue to participate in the Archive creation process.

The Archive team would also like to extend their gratitude to the many dedicated activists and victim-survivors who have been doing this work for many years, and those who helped us get the Archive up and running by sharing their expertise. In particular, thank you to:

We are constantly humbled by the courage, persistence and commitment to justice of victim-survivors of police violence who share their stories with the world. Thank you for allowing us to share your stories.