Victim hit repeatedly by officer in on-duty assault; officer resigns after conviction


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Victim hit repeatedly by officer in on-duty assault; officer resigns after conviction
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Officer Haoyin Zheng was charged with and convicted of assault after a 2010 incident in which he repeatedly physically assaulted an intoxicated man in a condo hallway. Sean Andrew Spicer had returned to his condo building drunk and had broken a glass door, trying to enter the residence after losing his keys.

Officers were called to the scene, and while arresting him, Spicer reported that Zheng delivered several head stuns, knocked him to the ground, and hit him with additional stuns to the body while he was down. This use of force resulted in injuries to his shoulders, ribs, back and head. Spicer’s mother, Bonnie, says that her son no longer trusts the police. “We don’t want people like this as police officers”

Zheng was found guilty of assaulting Spicer in a provincial court and resigned shortly after his conviction. Zheng has previously been convicted of assault in violent on-duty interactions, which Crown prosecutor Matt Dalidowicz argues is a “pattern of behaviour”. Zheng was found guilty of two counts of assault in November 2011. Earlier that year, Zheng was found guilty of an unrelated assault that occurred while he was making an arrest. He received a conditional discharge, 12 months probation, and was restricted to administrative duties in that conviction, stemming from a December 2008 case.
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West Jasper Place
Type of Abuse
Physical violence
Injuries Incurred
Injuries to shoulders, ribs, back, and head
Weapon used
Booted Foot
Victim Gender
Victim Sexual Orientation
Not listed
Authority Involved
Edmonton Police Service
Officer Name
Haoyin Zheng
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Court Cases
R. v. Zheng, 2012 ABPC 72. Docket: 101203453P1
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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APMD original incident ID: i-ztOr9zBCckTb7M
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August 9, 2022
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August 9, 2022
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Complaint Resolution
Officer Zheng was convicted of assault and handed a four-month conditional sentence and 45 days of house arrest. Zheng resigned from the EPS after the conviction.