Asian man alleges officers were discriminatory in arresting him after calling for help


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Asian man alleges officers were discriminatory in arresting him after calling for help
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Yun Feng Chu had delivered a letter of eviction to a tenant at a property owned by his son, and made arrangements with the tenant to vacate on September 12th, 2001. On the day of September 12th, the tenant asked Chu for one more day to vacate the premises, to which he agreed. He arrived at the suite the next day to find its door open and was met by a young man instead of the tenant. The man told Chu to leave a few times and attempted to escort him off the property, ultimately shoving him and causing Chu to fall. Chu called for help and was first assisted by paramedics before police arrived. Chu does not speak fluent English and when he attempted to explain to officers that he was hit, they allegedly replied, "nobody hit you". When he responded that this was "not fair", they forcefully handcuffed him. He asked them to remove the cuffs five times to which they did not respond; when he asked for their names, only one of two officers (Brown) disclosed their names.
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Type of Abuse
Psychological harm;
Disregard of dignity;
Victim Race
East Asian
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Victim Disabilities
Heart disease
Victim Sexual Orientation
Not listed
Authority Involved
Edmonton Police Service
Officer Name
Christopher Brown;
S. Cole
Officer Badge Number
2022 (Brown);
2175 (Cole)
Court Cases
Chu v Cst. Brown, 2022
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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APMD original incident ID: i-3TbLfKGJ4dIUYa
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Other document
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August 9, 2022
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August 9, 2022
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Law Enforcement Review Board