Recording the Police flier - digital image


Recording the Police flier - digital image
A digital image for online distribution containing information about citizens' rights when recording the police.
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Recording the Police: Your Rights when Recording Police in Canada
As long as you aren't interfering with a uniformed police officer's duties, it is legal to film or photograph police
If you're told to stop, ask if you are being detained - if not, you have the right to continue recording
Officers cannot take or look through your phone unless you are being arrested and they have a warrant or reasonable grounds to do so
Having a passcode on mobile devices can reduce unlawful searches

Tips for filming police violence:
Shoot steadily & continuously in landscape mode
Maintain at least 2m distance if possible
Capture details like faces, badges, & license plates of police involved
Capture details of time and place, like street signs
Before posting/sharing, crop or blur out faces to protect victims or protestors
Consider your own and victim safety, and whether filming might escalate a situation